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Facial Plastic Surgery in Madison


If you are concerned about facial lines and sagging skin, and are looking for a method to reverse the signs of aging, a facelift may be something to consider. Facelifts have been performed for over a century, and the technology for them continues to improve. Today’s facelifts extend below the skin to reposition underlying facial muscles, tighten saggy skin, and reduce excess skin in the most natural way possible. Scars from facelift surgery are strategically hidden in the hairline which reduces the chance that they’ll be noticed. If you’re a younger surgical candidate that is looking to remove wrinkles from the lower section of your face and extending beyond your chin, a mini facelift may be more appropriate as it aids in preventing aging and sagging skin at a later age and is geared to target loose or wrinkling skin on lower two thirds of your face and neck. Facelifts are generally performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. They are a means of boosting self confidence and taking years off of your life.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

When your eyes are droopy, puffy, or sagging, and eye drops or creams are not enough, blepharoplasty is a popular surgical procedure that can produce younger looking results. Blepharoplasty repairs droopy eye lids and bags under your eyes that can impair your vision. Patients that have undergone blepharoplasty have reported side effects that may include swelling, bruising, itching and temporary dryness, but any irritation that results from bleparoplasty is generally a temporary discomfort that subsides as the skin around your eyes continues to heal. Blepharoplasty results can last between 5-10 years and in some cases are permanent.

Brow Lifts

Brow lifts take an average of 1-3 hours to perform and can be completed on an outpatient basis. A brow lift removes frown lines or deep vertical and horizontal wrinkles between the eyebrows and corrects droopy skin underneath the eyebrows. Three main brow lift types include the coronal, endoscopic, and subcutaneous method of surgery. In the coronal method the incision targets the forehead wrinkles that run horizontally, making you look upset. The coronal incision is the safest and most common technique. Endoscopic incisions incorporate the use of a small camera to penetrate below the skin’s surface to find wrinkled areas around the brow line. This method is the most recent and involves only a few incisions. Subcutaneous brow lifts are performed on people that have bangs or wear their hair towards the top of the hairline. Most surgeons rarely use this brow lift technique because it results in visible scarring. When you have your initial consultation with Dr. Mixter in Madison, be sure to ask him which incision type is best for you.

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